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Our flight booking engine provides a fluid, very easy to use interface with a strong, robust, and scalable architecture at the back.

We have built a state of the art booking engine which is fast and ensures upto 20% increase in revenues. Some of the unique features include, multiple fare display, create itinerary functionality, adjust markup from the search page and man more.

Supplier Inventory Extranet Solution

Manage the direct contracts with travel services suppliers like: flights, accommodation, transportations etc. Starting with contracts dealing, to the products distribution and ending with selling control and reporting, everything is automated and works in a well designed and tested environment, allowing you to focus on your business

Multiple PCC support

PCCs are unavoidable when adding negotiated prices, as these rates can be “defined” to an agency by using their PCC. Our system provides functionality where multiple PCC can be defined, and system will fetch rules from these PCCs.

Embedded Ancillaries Services

Ancillary services such as Insurance, Seat allocation, Meal and Baggage are

Commercial (Complex Discounting Rule Engine)

Configure commissions, discounts, PLB’s using complex Rule based pricing

Multiple Fare Option

View and compare all available fares for a flight on the same screen,

Multiple Communication (WhatsApp/Email/SMS)

Send one or multiple itinerary/options to your customer via various communication modes like WhatsApp, Email and SMS.

Multi Currency Support

Do your business in any major currency that you want

LFS Module

Our Price Monitoring tool monitors and notifies the user in case of a price drop post booking, This enables the user to get the best possible fare, everytime

LCC Post Booking Services

Addition of services such as Meals, seat selection and baggage for a LCC flight is supported from the system, saving a lot of inconvenience and time.

Import PNR

Import PNR from GDS directly from the system.

Integration with LCC and GDS

We have integrated with 20+ partners including LCC, GDS, and OTAs ensuring listings for all major airlines across the world.


Enables exponential growth of your business by letting you share your own APIs with your customers enabling them to book real time fares.

Corporate Booking Engine (SBT)

Employees of a corporate customer can login and book based on company policy, workflow and track the approval status.
  • Travel Policies: Customised policies, approval, LCC/GDS allowed, fare threshold, etc.
  • ERP Integration: Not SAP, others supported

Passenger Preferences & Profiling

Capture and save customers preferences along with other data to enable profiling of a customer helping to make better decisions.

Simplified Fare Rules

All charges such as cancellation charges, No show penalties are available from the system removing delays and complexities!

Voice based search

Make searches using Voice. Just talk to the system and get the desired searches executed.