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Our hotel booking engine, is also built with a mobile first approach, ensuring best user experience on all devices hence increasing revenues.

Our solution eases the management process, by ensuring that inventory stays updated and bookings are synced real time. With all information like cancellation policies, payment policies available at hand, our solution delivers utmost satisfaction and peace of mind.

Multiple Supplier Integration

Multiple partners

Robust Mid office

Our robust Mid Office helps OTA to handle back office seamlessly with features such as hierarchy based data visibility(access control), generation of productivity reports, customised screens based on the users, robust accounting module, option to view detailed logs.

City & Hotel Mapping Solutions

Join a hotel into a single record that exists in one or more supplier systems.

Location Based Search

Search a hotel based on area, landmarks etc in a city.

Dynamic Filters

Various filters present enables faster and easier choices for a hotel and removes unwanted hotels from the search result.

TripAdvisor Integration

View real time ratings from TripAdvisor for every hotel right on the screen.