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Payments simplified like never before!

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We have integrated with over 5 payment major gateways, thus ensuring seamless payment processes.

Our engines are rule and policy driven, so now, you never lose by forgetting the cut off date or waiting for credits to happen. With wallet support, bookings can now happen without the fuss of using a Card or net banking for every transaction.

Credit Payment Module

Our Credit Payment module is driven through policies with features like auto reminder of dues, Auto locking of credit based on defined rules.

Exhaustive credit payment

solution works on a credit policy, automated generation of bills, auto reminders of bills, auto lock of credit.


Our closed loop wallet enables your customers to deposit money in the wallet and instant payment using the wallet credit. This eliminated the need to use CC or DC for every transaction.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations

We have major payment gateways integrated such as ATOM, RazorPay, EasyPay.

Smart Collect Integration

Our solution also comes with he facility to auto update of cash deposits/IMPS/NEFT to the bank account with certain banks.

Customise / Flexible UX

UX design as per the client requirement drag and drop customisations, easy to navigate, customisable.